Friday, May 28, 2010

happy memorial day weekend!

In my last entry I shared with you one of the photos I took from my Wednesday shoot and since then I've been spending almost every free moment rendering image after image... definitely not the most exciting part of this process. I've also spent more time that I originally expected coming up with names for these new colored garlands! Does anyone know of a helpful color naming source? I realize that people do this professionally for a reason but maybe it will just take a bit more research on my part. I thought I would share one more photo with you this morning before I share some weekend inspiration!

Now, for the good stuff. These first two photos were featured on Decor8 from the new magazine, we love living, based out of Germany, and the last image was a exceptional find from Fondly Seen

What are your plans for this weekend? Family picnics? Parades? The weather in Southern New England looks absolutely perfect so I plan on making the most of it. Now that the harvest season has been kicked off for a few weeks now I might be doing some canning this weekend thanks to a tasty recipe for orange rhubarb butter that sounds so delicious found on Food in Jars. We'll see... Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone! 


  1. hello - I just wanted to say that I love your etsy stuff and also am so happy I found your blog - I will keep popping by to check out your new posts. I knew it would be good inspiration for me when I saw your love of grey and limey green (my favorite too!) and the sketch rockwell font used in your blog top - I was just designing a poster using exactly the same! happy days!
    merry x

  2. Yay! I knew I had some readers out there somewhere... So glad you like my shop and thanks so much for checking out my blog. Please pop by again and keep on posting!

  3. Love your first photo! Your etsy store is filled with lovely products. Have a great day!