Friday, February 4, 2011

happy weekend

I need a rug. Now these ones from Anthropologie aren't even close to what I'm willing to pay for a 4x6 but I have to admit, they are gorgeous. Especially these first two.

So, what's the plan this weekend? How are you celebrating? With in the past 2 years, I have been either unemployed or employed part time/almost full time. There have been some months where I have had several jobs or gigs going at once and other times where I've had only one or two. This has resulted in an extremely flexible schedule and although that might sound ideal, it can be difficult to to get things done when there's a lack of routine that's found in a scheduled workday. I've become accustomed to working in small bits every day of the week without fully appreciating a weekend off. Slightly shorter work days was certainly a perk but it wasn't until I realized how valuable those weekend days were that I started to establish more routine and discipline into my work week. Whatever you're doing this weekend, even if work is unavoidable, do something out of routine and enjoyable. Even if it's finding time to have a coffee with a friend, going for a quiet run or sitting down with a book you've been meaning to read. Take time off from whatever you fill your week with and feel good about it.

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