Tuesday, February 1, 2011

happy snow day!

What a snow day indeed. Already a foot down and apparently another foot to come? There's nothing like having a full refrigerator, a warm fire and time do whatever needs to get done—work, exercise, cleaning, organizing... It's been a day of yoga, reading, chatting with friends, sewing, sketching and planning for me and I'm loving it.
Vintage & Wine
Glorious purples and greens! More often than not I find that the color combination brings on flashbacks of the ninja turtle, Donatello (I wish it wasn't so) but when the right hues meet harmoniously I thank God for colors... beautiful glorious colors. Take note of the way the painting above the couch corresponds so well with crate table and wooden floors. What a beautiful, minimal color palette. 

(Above) Farrow and Ball's Colorful Modern Molding Technique. Enjoy the snowy weather, everyone. 

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