Wednesday, August 18, 2010

anna williams

Upon starting this blog in March (I can't believe it's already been 5 months) I've featured several talented and reputable interior stylists, a profession and hobby that I have felt particularly drawn to with in the past year. If you've been following recently you might recall some of the food photographers that I've featured like Maria Grossman, Katie Quinn Davies and the incredible duo from the Jewels of New York. My interest in food styling has grown by the day, especially since early last year when I decided not to satisfy my love for baking by enrolling in the French Culinary Institute for Pastry Arts. Perhaps there's a future for me in food photography? No matter, I take such wonderful pleasure in feature artists like Anna Williams...

Anna Williams has published work in major publications including  Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, O Magazine, Williams Sanoma etc... and also more recently photographed for several kitting books written by Joelle Hoverson. Check out the latest on The Purl Bee. One thing I love about food photography is checking out beautiful tools and props I wish I owned! That white, enamel tea strainer is one incredible find. That first image reminds me of a tomato consomme experiment I conducted last summer, although I assure you it didn't look nearly as pristine and beautiful. 

Be sure to check out Anna William on facebook for photo updates!

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