Monday, May 17, 2010

maria grossman

I had so much fun exploring the website of Maria Grossman, an interior stylist and food photographer living in Hamburg, Germany. As I began copying an pasting images from her website I quickly realized how many I was accumulating and how unrealistic it was to share them all with you! I'm sure going to try because these images are simply incredible and inspirational. I admire artists that break the rules that most tend to follow and do it with flying colors. 

I love the way she juxtaposes objects and materials to create scenes that become more like sculptural landscapes. It's no longer about what we perceive interior design and styling to be but reflects the foundation of these disciplines, the interaction between forms in space.

To top it off, check out these beautiful images from her work with food photography.


You can check out more of Maria Grossman's work on her fun and interactive website but be sure to drag the screen in all directions so you can enjoy all of the images in her portfolio!

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