Friday, July 2, 2010

a picnic weekend

Happy 4th of July weekend! I hope everyone has some serious picnicking plans this weekend - the weather's going to be be perfect here. So, pack a basket full of glorious foods that are inconvenient to carry outside of the house, grab that book you've been meaning to start/finish, find that pristine tree/river/field, layout that comfy blanket that shouldn't be allowed outside and have yourself a perfect picnic. It will be worth every second. If you haven't checked out the Jewels of New York yet, do it now! It started with Diana Yen and Lisel Arroyo, both designers with a passion for food and photography. I love these picnic photos they posted several weeks ago.

Lastly, one recently posted image from a front door post on design sponge and a couple more dug up from my archives.

[Pattern made using Colour Lovers]

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