Wednesday, June 9, 2010

agent bauer stylist collective, take 2

A couple weeks ago I featured work by Lo Bjurulf, a stylist you can find at Agent Bauer along with several other talented designers. Evidently I just couldn't stay away because I found my way back there once again to feature another interior stylist by the name of Stella Nicolaisen. Her work is so captivating and imparts this reverberating image and idea in my mind that leaves me wanting so much more. I'll start with my favorite...

I'm pretty sure I could live in this tent. It's glowing presence in this industrial space in the midst of so much greenery makes it so inviting I can hardly stand it.

Take a look at these next two interiors from a shoot photographed for H&M Home. I love when interiors are photographed in their natural state, the appearance of being truly used and lived in yet they're clean, uncluttered and balanced with the surrounding space. A neutral, semi-monochromatic space with warm wood... my favorite.

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