Friday, June 11, 2010

salvaged inspiration

I've been so spacey and off-kilter today I completely forgot to post until late this afternoon but behold... I came across a post from design*sponge while I was searching for my weekly round up and was pleasantly surprised by these images of salvaged items cleverly repurposed into beautiful functional household objects. I think about this often so it's affirming and exciting when you come across other scavengers putting their creative minds to work. These images are from "14 surprising salvage makeovers" in Sunset Magazine. The first thing that caught my eye were those wooden spools I know so well. I'm loving that outdoor repurposed window coffee table and the plants living underneath it!

And now for the finale... A collection of images from my favorite blogs, some of which you can check out over on the right.

Anyone have big plans for the weekend? Mine will be filled with tag-saling (as always). I'm collecting canning jars like a madd lady for this harvest season because one can never have too many! There's also another photo shoot tomorrow morning if the sun agrees with me and more prep work for the Upper Room Gallery exhibition in New Hampshire I mentioned a couple weeks ago. Happy weekend everyone!

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