Monday, May 24, 2010

agent bauer stylist collective

Some of you might have already seen a few of these images if your familiar with my daily blog visits, however prepare to see them again along with a few more to tie you over until wednesday! Quite honestly, I can't even recall where I originally found this link to Agent Bauer, a collection of talented Photographers, Stylists (Food and Interior), Hair & Makeup Artists, Illustrators and Animators that have worked with elite, prominent clientele all over the world. Although this website is just swarming with talent and inspiration, I'd like to focus on one Interior Stylist by the name of Lo Bjurulf who has several wonderful images that were photographed for Ikea's new look.

I just love the color scheme in these photos as well as the contast of these bright colored materials surrounded by weathered wood and raw materials. Here are some other images from Lo Bijurulf's portfolio that jumped out at me. Again, with the wood! I just can't seem to get away from it. 

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