Tuesday, May 4, 2010

color forecast

Here's a color forecast for Fall 2010 that I came across from the Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2010 off of the Pantone Website. It's incredible how these color choices determine what hundreds of thousands of retailers will or will not manufacture for consumers every season. Check out the color report and thumb through top designers that share how colors inspire their work.

Any of my friends (and even a former Professor or two) know that I have a thing for Chartreuse, and those sickly looking shades of green. My mom continues to make fun of me when were shopping because most items of clothing I prefer are colors you would find in an outdated 70's home! I can't help it. How about you? Is there a color or a color scheme that you keep coming back to? Are there colors that you simply can't live without?

Here are a couple other color schemes that I took a liking to, found on fashion trendsetter.

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