Friday, June 18, 2010

friday delight

Happy Friday! I hope this entry finds you in a cheerful and refreshed state of mind- after all... it IS Friday. Don't you feel rejuvenated already? Okay, perhaps that's a bit too presumptuous but maybe these pictures will give you a jump start into the weekend. 

Here, take a look at these color palettes (that second one is killer). Is there a smile on your face yet?

Next up, two beautiful small and large spaces I stumbled across on junk garden girl followed by a wondrous collection of terra cotta pots (my favorite). I found a crate full of small-medium sized terra cotta pots last year along side the road marked for free- it made my day. Although I don't have a green house or a proper place to start seeds right now, some day I  will and in the mean time, I'll simply enjoy looking at them!

And don't forget, strawberry season is just about over (depending on where you live). If you're thinking about making last minute jam and looking for a good recipe, look no further than Strawberry Vanilla Jam from Food in Jars. It's incredible. The picture above depicts the feet of Katy Elliot on her strawberry picking adventure this week which you can read about here

What is everyone doing this weekend? This morning, I am tag-saling (as always) and photographing garland. Finally, the sun seems to be agreeing with me which means it should be a productive weekend. 

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