Monday, May 10, 2010

sweet styling

Meet Amy Atlas, a talented and sought after event planner and dessert table extraordinaire in New York City. Upon discovering Amy's work on Decor 8, I browsed through her portfolio and couldn't help but admire her styling skills and ability to utilize colors and shapes in such a sophisticated and thematic fashion. I'm particularly drawn to Amy's work because of my love for baked goods, color theory and interior styling-- I can only imagine what a challenging and rewarding career choice it is to design such unique exceptional desert tables. Her work is truly stunning and surely inspirational.

Check out this great clip of Amy Atlas in action, where she talks about her creative process and how she goes about finding materials and props for her dessert tables. Take a look below at these gorgeous dessert tables along with her inspiration for each table.

Chocolate Spice Moroccan Market Table for Brides Magazine
We created a chocolate spice dessert table with a "Moroccan-market" feel for Brides Magazine.  Decorative elements included Moroccan lanterns and burlap sacks filled with ground spices. A macaron tower, spiced truffles, sesame candy and spiced hot chocolate in Moroccan tea glasses were all displayed on rattan vessels filled with whole spices. (-Amy Atlas Events)

Vintage Dessert Table for Brides Magazine
We created a vintage dessert table with a birds and blooms design for Brides Magazine.  Crafty details included vintage fabric feed sacks, homemade preserves, a bunting banner, and fabric dahlia favor boxes. A birds and bloom ruffled wedding cake, salt water taffy, dahlia cupcakes and an old fashioned buttercream cake brought additional charm to the table. (-Amy Atlas Events)

Birthday Dessert Table
We designed this dainty dessert table for a young girl’s birthday party.   Swirly meringues, twisted marshmallows, and striped and dotted cookies added a fanciful touch to the table.  Favor bags filled with pink and red candy were hung on a board for guests to take as they left the party. (-Amy Atlas Events)

Candy Shop Dessert Table
We designed this playful, old fashioned candy shop dessert table for a bat mitzvah.  Filled with nostalgic candy, the table included old fashioned taffy, barber poles, sweet tarts, and rock candy.  The treats satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth! (-Amy Atlas Events)

Take a look at Amy's blog where you'll find tid bits of inspiration and a peek behind the scenes at Amy Atlas Events! 

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  1. OMG! Love the Moroccan Table!
    Great Inspiration - thank you so much! I´d love to decorate my Birthday Table this way next year!
    Greetings from Vienna!