Friday, May 7, 2010

happy weekend

I thought I would continue with the theme of inspiring color palettes by posting a little blurp about a product I am quite fond of. I am the proud owner of Hunter Lady N Rubber Boots that I love and wear even when there's the slightest drizzle outside. These were my first pair of rubber boots and now I can't imagine life without them. This also might help you to understand why my bog header is in fact... a pair of boots.    
Now, you might be thinking... Hunter Boots are expensive, maybe even over-priced and I would agree with you. Though they are beautiful and probably very well-made the truth is, you can find plenty of rain boot options elsewhere at a more affordable price. For those of you willing to splurge check out Ebay for a pair of new or used Hunter Boots. Ebay was the only way I was going to get my hands on those Hunters and I plan on getting a lifetime of use out of them. 
Now for the inspiration! You have to admit... the color choices Hunter offers is pretty outstanding and hopefully seeing them lined up like this will put a smile on your a face!

And guess which boots caught my eye immediately... Ah, yes, that green number on the middle right side! All of these boots are a part of the Original collection that you can find on the Hunter-Boot site.

What are your plans for this for Mother's Day Weekend? One thing I love about spring time in New England are the flea markets and tag sales every weekend so tomorrow my Mom and I will be heading out with a route in one hand and coffee in the other. See you on Monday!

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