Saturday, January 22, 2011

piano cominciare [slow to start]

Can't believe it's been over two weeks since my last post. It's been a slow start but I'm starting to get back on schedule now that my application for grad school number 1 is finito! Countless hours at Starbucks, countless cups of coffee along with the help of fantastic friends and family that reviewed my essays so many times, they can recite it by heart—what a whirl wind.

A friend of mine introduced me to IOGraphica a few weeks ago. It's an application download that records the movement of your computer mouse over designated lengths of time. The second image was taken with in the last week of writing my application. 

Two more interesting applications I've come to appreciate since the app store appeared on my dock a couple weeks ago—Thoughtback and Evernote, both of which are found in the productivity section. Thought back provides and outlet for inspirational thoughts while Evernote serves as the great way to organize images, ideas, lists etc... They're also FREE!

More to come!

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