Friday, August 13, 2010

the week's end

The weekend is finally here and I am thrilled! It's been a difficult week getting back on track with all of my part-time gigs but now that the weekend is here I'm going to breathe and steadily work away at that list. I've just finished listening/watching to the video series for blog and business owners by Grace from design*sponge. The third video (my favorite) includes tips for productivity, time management and delegation... super helpful. Check it out:

You can find the first two clips here.

Also, check out these two interior shots from the Mimou collection found via decor8. I love how simple and undistinguished each of these objects are individually but when styled an composed properly... oh perfection.

Any big plans this weekend? With September around the corner, I feel like this summer is slipping away from me! I think a nice long bike ride will do me good. And I'm pretty sure it's raspberry season...

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