Tuesday, August 10, 2010

serena & kara

Almost back on schedule! It's been a balancing act these past couple weeks but things are just starting to level out again. I hope you had a chance to check out pictures from the upper room gallery exhibition this past weekend, I'll be posting another batch later this week.

I want to share with you an illustrator that I bookmarked a while back by the name of Serena Mitnik-Miller.  When I look through her work I feel like digging through my art supplies in search of my watercolor kit! Its amazing how artistic styles can give mediums a new sense of significance and interpretation. I feel especially inspired to create after this weekend so hopefully I'll have a small body of new work to share come this fall. Check out some of Serena's work below and take note of the way the watercolor imprints the paper... I'm thinking there might be some stamping involved?

Now for one of her bold prints, I love aspect of color theory that's so present in her work. 

Here's one more print that I saved on design*sponge from Art + Culture Editions entitled Counterpassant by Kara Maria. It plays with color, layering and opacity which pulls on the heart strings of the printmaker inside me. I think I see some screen printing and water color experiments in my future...

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