Friday, August 27, 2010

happy weekend

I'm excited to share a few image this morning that I've been saving all week! Many of these photos will lead to future posts (they're that lovely) but for now, a little taste will do. Beginning with a Texas ranch wedding found on Oh So Beautiful Paper and printed by Salt + Pepper Press, I love the approach of branding that this couple took when designing the invitations; it's well-designed, looks cohesive and I love their choice of type! Check out the rest of the album here. Happy weekend everyone!

Next up, a shot from a Parisian shop by the name of Merci. Those spools caught my eye! More to come...

Warm white living space snagged from decor8

Photographed by the lovely Pia Ulin


  1. Lovely collection of photos! Love that one with the glass bottles.

    Just found you and thought I'd say hello as well. Hope you don't mind that I add you to my list of links:)