Monday, August 23, 2010

family photos in central park

Lately I've been getting Crewcuts, the J Crew kid's clothing catalog in the mail and I love thumbing through the catalog for a few reasons. 1. The kids look adorable in their carefully assembled ensemble 2. I laugh at the prospect of paying hundreds of dollars on clothes that kids will destroy and/or grow out of in no time 3. Lastly, I love observing the concepts for these photo shoots and admiring the creativity that's usually overlooked in things like the use of props or the manipulation of backdrops. What fun!

On that note, I came across the blog Design Mom, written by Gabrielle Blair, a mother of 6 who blogs about the happy place where design and motherhood intersect. Last spring photographer Candice Stringham, assisted by prop stylist Brenda Barrett conducted a fantastic family photo shoot in Central Park inspired by a Kate Spade/Crewcuts color scheme.

I love the primary color and wardrobe choices for the kids. Styled but not over-styled. Polished but natural. To read more about the photo shoot visit Gabrielle's post on Central park and the photo shoot details for more info. 

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