Monday, July 19, 2010

jill bliss

For those of you who are drawn to design trends specifically in illustration, you might already be familiar with the work of Jill Bliss. As a former student of Parsons School of Design and California College of the Arts Jill is has been selling handmade goods to her fans online or via indie boutiques around the world since 2001. Jill's work has led her to become a "lo-fi lifestyle brand - a grass roots counterpart to Martha Stewart or Ralph Lauren" (Martin Wong, Giant Robot Magazine). Jill Bliss strives to inspire others and also hopes to encourage a more thoughtful art and design industry that focuses on local economies, fair practices, reusable or sustainable materials, and less consumption tied to ever-changing trends.
As I was taking in Jill's website I stumbled upon a familiar product that I purchased as a gift for friend from a small handmade boutique in Northampton, Massachusettes. It was an illustrated date book like the ones Jill sells here. Fancy that!
Jill Bliss also has a collection of custom house portraits that I absolutely love! What a creative, unique gift idea...

I encourage you to check out Jills website, her blog AND her Etsy shop where you'll find posters, prints, cards, framed artwork as well as additional paper and fabric goods. 

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