Friday, July 23, 2010

happy weekend

Ciao tutti. If you're reading this... congratulations! It's friday, you've made it! Hopefully this is the beginning of what will be a refreshing weekend. As for me... it will be weekend of building shelves, wall framing, and maybe even some screen printing for the Upper Room Gallery exhibit in New Hampshire which takes place two weeks from now. With deadlines approaching and lists of things to accomplish this weekend will certainly be a busy one. My new favorite weekend activity is biking to the Lake Congamond region of Mass. from Farmington Valley, CT on the bike path, what used be the old railroad, now part of the Rails to Trails initiative. There's a great cafe called Red Riding Hood's Basket right off of the path next to the lakes- the perfect way to kick off the weekend.

Some of you might know of the Etsy team I'm a part of called the Artisans Collective, a group of Etsy sellers with a commitment to creating quality handmade goods that inspire. I received a link through the team grapevine naming the top 50 design blogs on The Sunday Times based out of London. I found a few that I check out daily along with new ones that I plan on adding to my list. Here's the top 5...

Check some of these out or visit the Sunday Times article naming all 50. Below you'll find a clever Cafe poster designed by Plaid Creative and some beautiful picnic and outdoor event shots found on design* sponge.

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. that coffee poster is great! and those photos make we want to pack up a a picnic real bad :)