Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a tiny victorian cottage

A tale of two cities: Ms. Foster's beautiful, clean Victorian getaway studio. Down the hill and across the stream? Where Mr. & Ms. Foster actually live, in a small trailer lovingly referred to as "The Groove Tube" decorated in a 70's-era avocado and gold color scheme. Although she had plans for the 9x10 foot hunting cabin upon purchasing the 14-acre property in the Catskills with her husband in 2007, it wasn't until July 2009 that she began transforming the space.

"Armed with a crowbar, hammer and electric saw, she removed the front of the cabin and extended the floor ad porch, using salvaged floorboards. She framed out the porch and found columns, a screen door and hardware at New York Salvage, in nearby Oneonta."

"Armed with her saw, Ms. Foster cut out spaces for windows, which she bought for $30 each at Historic Albany Foundation's Architectural Parts Warehouse. She found a tin ceiling on Craslist for $200, and a wooden mantelpiece at the Linger Corner Gift Company antiques store n High falls for about $350. Many of the faded white book jackets came from Beth Neumann, TatteredVintage."

"Furnishings which had to be carried across a shaky bridge over the stream and then up the steep hill, posed a challenge. So what appears to be a short, fat love seal is really a lightweight wicker sofa from Ikea, plumped up with pillows and embroidered Ralph Lauren pillowcases. Ms. Foster built the China closet using scrap wood and French doors she found at a yard sale."

And finally... The Groove Tube. Read the full article from the New York Times here.

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