Monday, June 14, 2010

a race to renovate

This speedy renovation executed by photo stylist and designer, Annette Joseph in just 10 days is awe-inspiring. The big transformation took place in Nashville while Gwyneth Paltrow's family needed a place to stay during the an independent movie project. What would typically take a designer 3 months was crammed into a mere 10-day operation. Annette Joseph walks us through the entire process, day 1 through 10 in A Race to Renovate on Goop, a weekly newsletter by Gwyneth Paltrow featuring favorite recipes, travel notes etc... Check out some of these great after shots of the completed space and read through their daily schedule to find out how they pulled it off. 

"We had a strict timeline... worked 16-18 hour shifts with an amazing crew of craftsman... and here's how it went down..."

Monday and Tuesday: While the guys tore everything down that I specified out of the space, I shopped for tile, fixtures, lighting and a proper bathtub. I ordered furniture, while my fabulous assistant Natalie bought everything for the day to day, like all the kitchen small appliances, kitchen essentials like dishes, pots and pans, sheets, towels, even toys for the kids. One trick was that we never let the 18-hour crew leave to eat lunch, we brought lunch and all ate together to keep the momentum going.”
Wednesday - Sunday we put the apartment back together, hanging drywall, sanding and painting all at the same time, which is a nightmare, but with clever solutions we managed to get it done. We laid tile, hung lighting, created a pantry, installed appliances and drapery all at the same time, and we even painted a giant chalkboard wall for Apple and Moses. At one point I counted there were 30 men all pounding, painting, tiling and installing appliances and lighting at the same time…”
“By Monday of the following week, 1 week after tearing the place to shreds, 3 assistants and myself were cleaning and prepping to load in furniture to start finishing the space.”
Tuesday – Thursday my assistants and I were washing, ironing, loading into cabinets and folding laundry all at the same time, while a professional art installer installed artwork on the walls. We arranged flowers, placed scented candles, installed an iPod station, and a TV.”“The owner of Mitchell Gold Atlanta/Nashville, Ben, came and installed the master bed himself, everyone pitched in.”
“Needless to say it was non-stop 24 hours a day, and I could not have done it had I not had the relationships with vendors”

And finally, here are some shots of what the space looked like before...

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